Nice to meet you – I’m Adrian. I’m fascinated by personality psychology so I always love a deep conversation about what brings you the deepest satisfaction at work and what accomplishments make you proud.

With this knowledge, I recruit 80% for skills and 100% for culture because skills are learnable especially if you love learning like me.

Here’s my personal values list:

Honesty & Integrity – I’m upfront to you about role fit and strive to hold to my promises

Achievement – Shoot for your ideal role together

Growth & learning – I’m always happy to listen and learn from your knowledge

Empathy & Compassion – I’m personal to you and can give you personal feedback being sensitive to your feelings during the job search

Attention to detail & quality – I appreciate your good qualities others may miss

I grew up playing Nintendo since I was 2 and spent my teenage years playing PC video games. Yet my passion is for people. Great minds think alike and I’d like to understand you and your next move.

So you are in the market for a new role – we can connect easily if you’d like at or
0491 126 117