Michael has been a tech recruiter for nearly 10 years, starting in the biggest recruitment agency in the world. With his passion for tech, Michael is a person who loves helping people growing amazing careers and helping companies hire the best talent to help them grow quickly.

Outside of the recruitment domain, Michael is a keen traveller, having lived in the UK, Thailand and the USA. He has played cricket in the UK twice and is the current record holder at Windsor Cricket Club for the highest score ever (224no for those interested!). Michael is also a serious coffee snob and burger fiend – Will be happy to meet a client or candidate for either.

Michael loves working with tech companies, not just talking recruitment but talking culture, recruitment process and retention. He is passionate about not just recruiting top talent, but keeping them!

Feel free to give him a call on 0491 126 117 our drop an email to michael@redwolfrosch.com.au – coffee and burger invite will be accepted!