Your passion is our passion. We believe in building relationships and making connections. We get excited about working with great candidates and employers, because the right person in the right company can literally change the world.


Redwolf + Rosch is a Digital, IT, Sales & Marketing recruitment consultancy, working in partnership with top companies, start-ups and agencies to find talented people that want to do amazing work. We work with digitally progressive companies across Australia, securing the best and most talented permanent, contract and freelance staff.

With an emphasis on our consultative approach, we help our partners and candidate network understand the transformative power that forward thinking and cutting edge talent can bring to a business.


Our consultants are passionate and highly specialized in their respective fields. We focus on working with real people, not CVs. People who are talented, creative and passionate. From the most highly educated ex-Googlers to the working-from-parents-garage developers, all our candidates represent the digitally inclined, boundary pushers and intrinsically driven.

Bart Wolkowski

Bart has a passion for the transformative power that technology, design, and focused thinking can bring about and he works with the brilliant people involved in making these changes.

Although usually gravitating towards technical recruitment, especially back-end developers and software engineers, Bart enjoys the challenge and variety of working on a plethora of Digitally focused roles including UX, SD, Producers / PMs, AM, BDMs and Marketing folk. He even found an accountant once!

Starting and growing Redwolf 4-5 years ago and after merging with Rosch to form Redwolf + Rosch, Bart loves to work as part of the team, inspiring and learning from others, helping our clients, candidates, and our wonderful community all grow and prosper together.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Bart is a geek. He has seen all the Star Wars movies. He reads geeky blogs and has a man- crush on Elon Musk. Outside of work, he has tried AcroYoga, kiteboards like a demon and loves the beach.

To get in touch with Bart, call 0404 499 046 or email:

Steven Sandhu

An Englishman who can’t get enough of the Aussie Sun!. With a huge passion for tech, Steven loves dealing with great people and helping to change their lives which gets him up every morning!

Aside from being super-passionate about the Redwolf + Rosch mission, Steven’s a keen Cricketer, who has played Rep-cricket both in the U.K and in Melbourne. In his downtime, you’ll often find Steven on a beach drinking a very cold beer.

Steven loves maintaining healthy relationships with great people & companies, he sees what he does as life-changing and wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

He loves to chat, so feel free to give him a bell on 0490 241 106 or email

Daniel Canfield

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. Did you know the average person will spend a third of their lifespan working? It’s safe to say that your job can make a huge impact on your quality of life.

Daniel is determined to assist businesses in finding their idea of a perfect employee and make sure that IT experts find their dream role. He is set on providing you with a unique, tailored experience to each individual that he meets.

Daniel takes the 360 approach towards his life in general and can often be found running around Albert Park, attending monthly meet-ups and coding in his spare time.

Alex Gil

A London guy who has fallen in love with Melbourne! Alex has a passion for tech and gets excited to see websites/applications so it is only natural to look after a lot of Redwolf + Rosch’s developers. He is a meetup enthusiast that loves having a yarn and chatting with developers over a pizza or beer.

Having a background in Film and operating projectors twice his age, technology has always fascinated him. Lately, the AR + VR space is a place he is interested in but we aren’t quite there with the films yet!

A bald but bold results-driven recruiter who wants to change the views of the world on recruitment by stamping out the cowboys and working on healthy great relationships with great companies. Work somewhere great!


Be part of our Redwolf + Rosch talented team.


Jarrod Withington

Tasmanian born and bred, do not worry Jarrod chopped off his second head! After leaving the Australian Army Jarrod turned to sales extensively being involved in training and development within wholesale and retail. He loves going to the gym and being heavily involved in sport and backing the Tigers!

Thereafter, Jarrod turned towards recruitment specialising in Cyber Security and Sales Business Development positions and prides himself on his versatility covering two specialty areas and exceeds expectations on finding the correct talent for his major enterprise clients.

Jarrod has a great work ethic and provides the utmost respect to candidates and employees and still runs by his core values instilled in him throughout his time within the Defence Force.

To get in touch with Jarrod call 0490 530 001 or email:

James Rogers

James is a sales guru who has a passion for helping others to grow, He swapped his life in England for a life down under and hasn’t looked back since. His talents in Sales and BDM range from Juniors to Directors and he is always willing to help.

Aside from work he loves to be involved with sport whether it be watching or jumping in on the action and helping to win! He is also a massive foodie so if you want to talk about places to eat he’s your guy.

He loves to get out and meet new people so you’ll probably bump into him at a meetup. If you want to have a chat and swap some stories give him a call on 0490 249 860 or drop him an email

Natalia Santos

Team support Natalia is here to balance the energy in the office, giving help and motivation to the R+R Team on a daily basis.

Originally from Brazil with Business and Hospitality background, Natalia moved to Melbourne to study and improve her HR and Recruitment skills. Fallen in love with the city especially the coffee!!

Natalia loves good food and being in Melbourne there is so much to choose from so she is in her element. A huge fan of a positive attitude, new ideas, meditation, travelling as well as knowing new cultures.


Be part of our Redwolf + Rosch talented team.