Your passion is our passion. We believe in building relationships and making connections. We get excited about working with great candidates and employers, because the right person in the right company can literally change the world.


Redwolf + Rosch is a Digital, IT, Sales & Marketing recruitment consultancy, working in partnership with top companies, start-ups and agencies to find talented people that want to do amazing work. We work with digitally progressive companies across Australia, securing the best and most talented permanent, contract and freelance staff.

With an emphasis on our consultative approach, we help our partners and candidate network understand the transformative power that forward thinking and cutting edge talent can bring to a business.


Our consultants are passionate and highly specialized in their respective fields. We focus on working with real people, not CVs. People who are talented, creative and passionate. From the most highly educated ex-Googlers to the working-from-parents-garage developers, all our candidates represent the digitally inclined, boundary pushers and intrinsically driven.

Bart Wolkowski

Bart has a passion for the transformative power that technology, design, and focused thinking can bring about and he works with the brilliant people involved in making these changes.

Although usually gravitating towards technical recruitment, especially back-end developers and software engineers, Bart enjoys the challenge and variety of working on a plethora of Digitally focused roles including UX, SD, Producers / PMs, AM, BDMs and Marketing folk. He even found an accountant once!

Starting and growing Redwolf 4-5 years ago and after merging with Rosch to form Redwolf + Rosch, Bart loves to work as part of the team, inspiring and learning from others, helping our clients, candidates, and our wonderful community all grow and prosper together.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Bart is a geek. He has seen all the Star Wars movies. He reads geeky blogs and has a man- crush on Elon Musk. Outside of work, he has tried AcroYoga, kiteboards like a demon and loves the beach.

To get in touch with Bart, call 0404 499 046 or email:

Ken Kwan

Ken Kwan is one of the Directors at Redwolf + Rosch. He leads our technology practice and possesses a historic career within the recruitment industry.

  • An expert in deep web sourcing, boolean, social sourcing tools (Twitter , StackOverflow, Github and LinkedIn)
  • 1500 + placements
  • 400 + placements for Ericsson’s 3G /Telstra program of work.
  • 58 placements in a single month
  • Industry speaker, with numerous credits for expert insights in global publications
  • Pioneer of candidate talent pooling and candidate experience in Australia
  • Sourced over 300 contractors within the technology and telecoms category for Ericsson.
  • Specialist in Project Delivery (Program Managers, PMs, Business Analysts, Service Now, Cloud, Data, Digital delivery and integration).

Ken is friendly and social but also a family man. Despite working in Tech all these years, Ken is very creative at heart and is quite the amateur photographer.

Mirella Di Iorio

Recruiting Leaders and Innovators in Digitally led environments across Melbourne, Australia!

With a background spanning over twenty years across digital, marketing, and creative environments, both as an Industry Professional and Recruitment Consultant, Mirella enjoys partnering with clients and candidates to arrive at successful outcomes.

Mirella has an in-depth understanding of how marketing and digital teams work, as well an in-depth knowledge and understanding of UX (mobile, web, online, e-commerce, digital transformation, etc) with many active relationships in these environments. Further to this, she is of the belief that recruitment should be a tailored service to each individual stakeholder, offering an innovative and solutions-based approach to both client and candidate.

Mirella is an Italian fashionista, she dresses well and always looks like a million bucks. She used to be a designer and that clearly shows as she has a sharp eye and knows how to pick out good creative talent. Outside of work she does Ballet Barre, eats a lot of Japanese (food, not people) and luuurvs chocolate.

Alex Gil

A London guy who has fallen in love with Melbourne! Alex has a passion for tech and gets excited to see websites/applications so it is only natural to look after a lot of Redwolf + Rosch’s developers. He is a meetup enthusiast that loves having a yarn and chatting with developers over a pizza or beer.

Having a background in Film and operating projectors twice his age, technology has always fascinated him. Lately, the AR + VR space is a place he is interested in but we aren’t quite there with the films yet!

A bald but bold results-driven recruiter who wants to change the views of the world on recruitment by stamping out the cowboys and working on healthy great relationships with great companies. Work somewhere great!

Belinda Agnew

Belinda comes with extensive management experience and consistent success in high-level sales and marketing management.

She has a strong history of revenue building and has sales management experience developing and growing teams.

Belinda is responsible for managing Digital, IT and Telco Sales recruitment at Redwolf + Rosch and she is great at what she does.

Over the years, Belinda has developed strong and effective working relationships with management, colleagues and sales staff and would describe herself as a ‘self starter’.

You may not realise that Belinda is a vegan because she doesn’t preach about it. She is cool and really accommodating to other’s tastes and preferences which makes us all want to check out new vegan and vegatarian places to for team lunches! She also likes fast cars.

Bree Cowell

Bree is a digital nomad successfully cultivating the supreme work life balance in Bali. Bree has 8 years recruitment experience managing high volume call centre and business support in London & Sydney.

Bree comes from a strong client relations background with an innate passion to create authentic work relationships. Bree loves helping candidate’s make a positive difference to their lives and acting as a catalyst to assist companies grow positively, which is such a rewarding experience.

Bree is a devoted yogi, dancer & traveller, forever immersing herself in culture and adventure. Whilst chasing epic mountain and beach ‘office views’, being a digital nomad has given Bree the freedom and balance to lead a better lifestyle and thrive within a professional capacity. Bree has lived in the tropics for the last 6 years and her favourite hide out in Bali is Amed, where she loves hiking and meditating on the mountains, beaching, snorkelling and dancing at any hour of day.



Clearly, you are the type of person that likes to dig a bit deeper than the average. We like that type of person. We are always on the lookout for great people to come and join our talented team.

So, tell me…are you passionate about quality consulting and love having great relationships with top clients and the best talent in town? Do you love a positive, healthy team culture that’s family friendly and flexible?

Do you have a hunger in your belly to make a dent in the universe?
Do you want freedom from useless KPIs so you can actually focus on what matters?
Would you like to be rewarded fairly based on your stellar performance and obsession to be the very best?

If this stuff matters to you, why don’t you get in touch with us for a confidential discussion to see if we can do something great together?

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